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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Isabel Connolly, Cynthia Adamson, Windsor Czeschin

                                                Steve Shipley, Garrett Higerd

STAFF:                                   Marianne O’Connor, Patrick Allen

GUESTS:                                Fred Stump


1.         Garrett Higerd called the meeting to order at 5:10 p.m.

2.            ADDITIONS TO AGENDA – None

3.            PUBLIC COMMENT – None

4.            APPROVAL OF 4/10/18 MINUTES – Windsor requested an amendment to Item 9B) to read “Patrick would like to….”. Cynthia Adamson made a motion to approve the 4/10/18 Regular Board Meeting Minutes, as amended. Windsor Czeschin seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor, with Garrett Higerd abstaining as he was not present at the April meeting.

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne reviewed the financial report for the period ending 4/30/18. Windsor Czeschin made a motion to accept the financial report. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. Marianne will send the Board the detail reports on Capital Improvements and will verify where the Flo Services and Flo Systems payments were posted and revise any reports necessary and send to the Board.

Steve Shipley attended the meeting at this point.

8A1).   MONO COUNTY LOAN – Fred Stump advised this item was on the Board of Supervisors agenda to approve the $100,000 loan from the Mono County Investment Pool. He talked with 3 HCCSD Board members and then reviewed the January and February minutes. Windsor clarified that the Board voted 3-0 at the April Board meeting in favor of the $100,000 loan. Marianne advised the minutes were not sent to Gerald Frank as they were not approved until tonight. After discussion, the Board members who made and passed the motion at the April Board meeting indicated they stand behind their decision and directed Marianne to send the April approved minutes to Mono County Finance and have the loan approval placed back on the Board of Supervisors agenda.


5B.            2018/2019 BUDGET WORKSHEETS – Marianne reviewed the budget worksheets with the Board. To be revisited at the June Board meeting, and Budget adopted.

5C.            RESOLUTION 2018-02 – MOU with PERS – Isabel Connolly made a motion to adopt Resolution 2018-02. Lack of second – motion failed. To be revisited at the June Board meeting.

6A.            PLANNING ISSUES, RPAC, COMMUNITY CENTER – Marianne gave a brief update on the Skate Park completion and grand opening.

6B.            JUNIPER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Steve Shipley commented he received an inquiry from someone wanting to purchase the small parcel owned by HCCSD on Juniper Drive. Marianne will inquire with County Counsel if HCCSD can sell a parcel, or could title possibly be transferred to Long Valley FPD.

7.         BILLS TO BE PAID – Windsor asked about the charge from USA Blue Book that appeared on the credit card statement vs. the invoice in the file for a different amount. Patrick will sort out the charges and provide the invoices. Windsor Czeschin made a motion to approve the bills as presented for payment, with clarification of the USA Blue Book invoices. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor. Checks #7413 – 7417 were signed by only one signer with the second signature to be obtained after issuance of the check.

8A.            GENERAL MANAGER REPORT – Patrick was unable to get a printed version of his update out in time for the meeting. The RAS pump is down and he may try to repair it for ½ the cost or he may have to buy a new pump for approximately $6,000. The pump was purchased 2 yrs., 4 months ago with a two-year warranty. He is negotiating with the distributor. Jason and Patrick removed a drying bed valve that has been frozen.

8A2).            OFFICE OF EMERGENCY SERVICES   Steve and Patrick need to get together to review the work to repair the culvert near the Rohan property on Juniper Drive and provide the estimate to OES. Patrick has submitted the documents to OES for the previous repair work.

8B).            OPERATOR IN TRAINING/TRANSITION COMMITTEE– Patrick advised that Jason Hatter submitted a new proposal today by email. $750/mo. standby fee, $60/day for taking the phone 7 days/month, $85/hr. call out with 2-hour minimum and $127.50/hr. for off hours call out with 2-hour minimum. Garrett indicated he would like the budget to reflect the on call time as a line item (over and above the Operation Labor line item) or included in the Outside Labor line item.

8B2)            CLOSED SESSION – The Board adjourned to Closed Session – Employment/Staff Discussions at 7:15 p.m.

            The Board reopened the Regular Board Meeting at 8:48 p.m.

The Job Performance Review Committee discussed the performance evaluations individually with Patrick and Marianne, and provided a copy to each for signature.


Windsor Czeschin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at the Crowley Lake Community Center, unless posted otherwise.


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