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October 2018 Board Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail




MEMBERS PRESENT:         Isabel Connolly, Steve Shipley, Garrett Higerd, Windsor Czeschin, Cindy Adamson

STAFF:                                   Patrick Allen, Marianne O’Connor

GUESTS:                                Abe and Jessica Mascarenas, Dave Titus, Marc Overton


1.         Steve Shipley called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m.

2.         ADDITIONS TO AGENDA – None

3.         PUBLIC COMMENT – None

5A.      PARCELS WITH POTENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY USE – Windsor explained the process the Board has been going through to identify multi-use parcels. Dave Titus commented the Ordinance is unclear in identifying properties for additional sewer use fees. “Kitchen” means what? It seems like the criteria is unclear and he feels the Ordinance should be revised before extra fees are charged.

Abe Mascarenas advised that they have added a unit on their property with 1 bedroom/1 bath and 1 kitchen. They are willing to pay additional use fees, but not double.

Marianne will draft a letter from the General Manager to the Mono County Building Dept. to request a list of all building permits issued within the District in the past 10 years for a remodel of the existing premises, and to request they contact our office in the future when an application for a building permit within the District is submitted. It was also suggested that Marianne ask the Mascarenas’ when their lease renews. After the November meeting Marianne will send a letter to Sierra Gables and Mono Sierra Lodge to verify the usage on those properties.

4.         APPROVAL OF 9/11/18 MINUTES – Windsor Czeschin made a motion to approve the 9/11/18 Regular Board Meeting Minutes. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor.

5.         FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne presented and discussed the Financial Report for the period ending 9/30/18. Isabel Connolly made a motion to approve the Financial Report. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor.

5B.      STAFF NEGOTIATIONS– Patrick intends to stay full-time for some time. The requirement in Jason’s contract to take the phone one week per month should be removed. He has been working with Jason to finalize the terms of the contract. Patrick advised he has taken 19 call outs since July, all have been after normal working hours, which comes to about 45 call outs in this past year, varying in length. Steve and Windsor will meet with Patrick to get his contract finalized for July 2018 – June 2019.

5D.      2018/2019 BUDGET – tabled.

5E.       MOVING ACCOUNTS TO UNION BANK – Marianne has discussed new accounts with Union Bank and is waiting for information on fees, process, etc. She will also check into Eastern Sierra Community Bank.

6A.      BOARD TERM RENEWALS – Cynthia Adamson, Isabel Connolly, Garrett Higerd have been appointed by the Board of Supervisors for another 4-year term in lieu of election as they were the only interested parties who submitted candidacy papers by the deadline.

6B.      SEWER CONNECTION FEE ORDINANCE – tabled to future meeting.


7B.      JUNIPER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Patrick is still trying to get a quote from Doug Clair for repair work at the top of the loop. Isabel commented that Mary Rohan is disappointed that Billy is delaying another few weeks. Patrick will call Mary because they did the work and so wants to discuss her continuing concerns.

8.         BILLS TO BE PAID – Windsor Czeschin made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor. Checks #7528-7532 were signed by one signer, with the second signature to be obtained when the check is issued.

9A.      GENERAL MANAGER REPORT – Patrick advised the RAS pump is finally back and the rebuild was approximately $2900, compared to the cost for a new pump of $7,000. The lateral on the property that used to be owned by Dean Leonard has plugged up again. The owner called a plumber and they cleared it. Patrick will have Tim Trainer come to TV and work on the main lines with the jetter.

9A1).   LIFT STATION ALARM SYSTEM – Patrick discussed the probe/alarm at the lift station and that he has had numerous, continuing after hour call outs. He has been working on replacing some of the system parts and upgrading some to resolve the alarm issue. Steve Shipley asked if it would help to have a camera and a remote ability to monitor, operate, etc. to help eliminate some of the call outs? Patrick has been discussing this with Rob Motley to determine the possibilities.

9A2).   FUTURE BIO SOLIDS DISPOSAL - Garrett advised the Benton Landfill will be closing and this is a County-wide issue that is being researched. It will come to some kind of long-haul practice. Patrick is talking with MCWD about their plans.

9A3).   ED JROCK LATERAL CONNECTION – Ed found the lateral where Patrick told him to look. Billy Czeschin helped him dig to it. It turned out that RACE Communication had punctured it, but it has been repaired.


Windsor Czeschin made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at the Crowley Lake Community Center, unless posted otherwise.

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