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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Isabel Connolly, Steve Shipley, Garrett Higerd, Windsor Czeschin

MEMBERS ABSENT:            Cindy Adamson

STAFF:                                   Patrick Allen, Marianne O’Connor

GUESTS:                                Ed Jrock, Mary Rohan


1.         Steve Shipley called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m.

2.            ADDITIONS TO AGENDA – None

3.            PUBLIC COMMENT – None

7B.            JUNIPER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Mary Rohan spoke to the matter of the sandbags near her property and that they have still not been removed, and have now deteriorated and the situation seems dangerous. Patrick advised that Billy said he would get to that project today. If not, Patrick will follow up with Billy. Patrick also discussed the rocks and dirt that have come down in the rainstorms. The District will be hiring a street sweeper, if possible, to clean the road before winter. The resurfacing will happen in Spring. Garret commented RACE Communications is having another contractor come and make asphalt repairs. Patrick advised all repairs are already done on Juniper Drive and he will be seeking reimbursement from RACE, or their subcontractor.

9.            SEWER FACILITIES UPDATE – Ed Jrock wants to discuss the financial responsibility to put a lateral in from the main line to his property line, and he understands he is responsible to bring the lateral from his house to the lot line. The Board discussed the issue and determined that if there is not currently a lateral available to his property, it will be his financial responsibility to install one. Patrick will work with Ed to further investigate if there is an existing lateral.

4.            APPROVAL OF 8/14/18 MINUTES – Windsor Czeschin made a motion to approve the 8/14/18 Regular Board Meeting Minutes. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne presented and discussed the Financial Report for the period ending 8/31/18. Garrett Higerd made a motion to approve the Financial Report. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

5A.            PARCELS WITH POTENTIAL MULTI-FAMILY USE – The Board discussed the process they want to use to address the properties in the District that have been observed to have more than one single-family residence. Those parcels will be billed an additional Single-Family Residence Sewer Use Fee as of July 1, 2018, and a letter of explanation sent to the property owners explaining the charges and indicating they can contact the General Manager or the office with questions or concerns, or attend a Board meeting to discuss. Marianne discussed the letter received from Sean Patrick regarding their family property which no longer has a building on it (for almost 11 years), but they have been paying the sewer use fees and are now asking for the fees to be discontinued. The Board agreed that the fees should be discontinued, with a letter advising that when they do plan to rebuild, they will be required to contact the District’s office to discuss the reconnection to our system.

5B.            STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR RESERVES AND ASSET MANAGEMENT & RISK ASSESSMENT AND RATE STUDY - tabled and will be removed from the agenda for now.

5C.      STAFF NEGOTIATIONS– Patrick wants to meet with Steve Shipley and Windsor Czeschin to discuss his contract for this current fiscal year, and the transition/additional staff options.

5D.            2018/2019 BUDGET – tabled. Patrick commented he likely would not be spending large amounts on Capital improvements this fiscal year.

5E.            MOVING ACCOUNTS TO UNION BANK – Marianne would like to move the District’s bank accounts to Union Bank, Mammoth now that Bank of America has also pulled out of Bishop, leaving no branch available within 200 miles. Isabel Connolly made a motion to begin the process of opening new accounts at Union Bank, transferring District funds and closing the Bank of America accounts. Windsor Czeschin seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

6A.            BOARD TERM RENEWALS – Cynthia Adamson, Isabel Connolly, Garrett Higerd will be appointed by the Board of Supervisors for another 4-year term in lieu of election as they were the only interested parties who submitted candidacy papers by the deadline.

6B.            CROWLEY LAKE TRAILER PARK – Patrick met with the current manager regarding any additional connections they may be considering. On hold for now.


7B.            JUNIPER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Patrick commented he has also received some complaints regarding Pinon and he is having repairs done.

8.         BILLS TO BE PAID – Windsor Czeschin made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Steve Shipley seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. Checks #7507-7511 were signed by one signer, with the second signature to be obtained when the check is issued.

9A.            GENERAL MANAGER REPORT – Patrick discussed the main line repair, due to it being dug up by Westec (while installing fiber optics). It went smooth with everyone cooperating and working together. There was no spill involved. Patrick advised the RAS pump rebuild will be approximately $2900.00 and is almost complete and ready to ship in this next month. Garrett discussed his conversation with Tim Rudolph about the cost to replace the lift system based on a new design and equipment.

9A1).   LIFT STATION ALARM SYSTEM – Patrick discussed the probe/alarm at the lift station and that he has had 13 after hour call outs. He has had Jason Hatter and Rob Motley from MCWD working on the circuit board and doing micro adjustments, and is also trying to locate replacement equipment for the outdated equipment that is now causing the problems.


Isabel Connolly made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Garrett Higerd seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at the Crowley Lake Community Center, unless posted otherwise.

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