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MEMBERS PRESENT:            Steve Shipley, Garrett Higerd, Windsor Czeschin, Cynthia


MEMBERS ABSENT:            Rick Phelps

STAFF:                                   Marianne O’Connor, Patrick Allen

GUESTS:                                Billy Czeschin


1.            Windsor Czeschin called the Board meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

2.            ADDITIONS TO AGENDA - None

3.            PUBLIC COMMENT – Billy Czeschin expressed his interest in providing snow removal for the District

Steve Shipley attended the meeting at this point. Windsor Czeschin continued to conduct the meeting as Acting President.

4.            APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – Steve Shipley made a motion to approve the 8/12/14 minutes. Garret Higerd seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. Approval of the 7/8/14 was tabled due to lack of quorum of Board members present at the July meeting.

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne reviewed the financial report for the period ending 8/31/14. Cynthia Adamson made a motion to approve the financial report for the period ending 8/31/14. Garrett Higerd seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

5A.      CPI INCREASES for Use Fees and Juniper Drive Road Maintenance Fees – Garrett Higerd made a motion to implement the CPI adjustments on both the sewer use fees and the Juniper Drive road maintenance fees effective 9/1/14. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion. Windsor Czeschin voted yes as long as the Board pursues the means to continue the CPI increase annually on both fees. All other Board members present voted in favor.

6.         NEW BUSINESS – The Crowley Lake Laundromat is closed effective 9/1/14. The use fee billing will be adjusted.

9B.      SNOW REMOVAL OPTIONS – Garrett Higerd commented, with the legal advice received from County Counsel and the Boards confidence in this advice, we feel we can negotiate the snow removal services directly with a contractor for a flat rate plus a rate for additional hours at an established hourly rate, and are not required to put the service out to bid.

7A.            PLANNING ISSUES, RPAC, COMMUNITY CENTER – The Crowley Lake Ball Field Concession Building is in progress and a sewer connection fee was collected. Use fees will be paid by CSA1 through Mono County.

7B.            JUNIPER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Marianne updated the Board that the Juniper Drive Special Zone of Benefit Engineering Study estimated $120,000 for road rehabilitation in 2018, which apparently is underestimated.

8.         BILLS TO BE PAID – Cynthia Adamson made a motion to pay the bills as presented. Steve Shipley seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. Checks #6384 – 6391 were signed by only one signer, with the second signature to be obtained when the check is issued.

9A.            GENERAL MANAGER UPDATE – Patrick Allen reviewed his update with the Board. Everything is running well at the plant. He is continuing to operate just one blower. The new blower estimate is approximately $11,000. Marianne and Patrick will be meeting with the web coordinator on Wednesday to update the District website and for training on keeping the site updated. Patrick patched the hole in Juniper Drive. The flow meter at the plant was calibrated.

Steve Shipley made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cynthia Adamson seconded the motion and all Board members voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the Crowley Lake Community Center, unless posted otherwise.

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