October 2017 Agenda Print



WHEN:            TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2017

TIME:            5:00 P.M.


**NOTE:                   Members of the public will have the opportunity to directly address the Board of Directors concerning any item listed on the Agenda below before or during consideration of that item. In order to better accommodate members of the public, specific times for Agenda Items will be heard at the specified time or soon thereafter. Agenda Items without specific times may be rearranged to accommodate the Board’s schedule. All public comments will be limited by the President of the Board to a speaking time of five minutes.




1.         Call the meeting to order.

2.            ADDITIONS TO AGENDA – Items added to the agenda must be approved by

            the Board pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2

3.            PUBLIC COMMENTS – The public may make a statement or pose questions on

            Items NOT on the agenda** (see note above)

4.            Approval of the minutes of the 9/12/17 Regular Board Meeting

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne – Account Status and Actual to Budget

            Report for the period ending 9/30/17

6.         SNOW REMOVAL – Award Snow Removal Contract for 2017/2018 Season and next two years

7.         OLD BUSINESS

A.              Planning Issues, RPAC, Community Center

B.              Juniper Drive Special Zone of Benefit

1)     California Disaster Assistance Act Program – Designate General Manager, Patrick Allen, as Authorized Agent

2)     Road repairs and schedule for complete road maintenance

8.         NEW BUSINESS – Funding Options

A.        Discuss government funding; authorize General Manager, Patrick Allen, to proceed with I-Bank Funding

B.        Discuss establishing Bank of America Line of Credit; authorize staff to proceed

9.         BILLS TO BE PAID

10.            SEWER FACILITIES UPDATE – General Manager

A.              General Manager Report on status of facilities, operational stability

1)     Update on new pump for pump station and rebuild of existing pump

2)     Update on blower replacement at plant

3)     Update on office door and camper shell

B.              Operator in Training, staff requirements, compensation packages

C.              Sewer District Easements


12.            ADJOURN THE MEETING

Documents and materials relating to an open session agenda item that are provided to the Board of Directors less than 72 hours prior to a regular meeting will be available for public inspection and copying at the District Office, by arrangement, by calling the District Secretary at (760) 934-6299.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you are a disabled person and need a disability-related modification or accommodation to participate in this meeting, then please contact Marianne O’Connor at (760) 934-6299. Requests must be made as early as possible, and at least one full business day before the start of the meeting.