October 2017 Regular Board Meeting Print




MEMBERS PRESENT:            Steve Shipley, Garrett Higerd, Isabel Connolly

MEMBERS ABSENT:            Cynthia Adamson, Windsor Czeschin

STAFF:                                   Marianne O’Connor, Patrick Allen


1.         Steve Shipley called the meeting to order at 5:07 p.m.

2.            ADDITIONS TO AGENDA - None

3.            PUBLIC COMMENT – None

4.            APPROVAL OF 9/12/17 MINUTES –Tabled to November meeting.

5.            FINANCIAL REPORT – Marianne reviewed the financial report for the period ending 9/30/17. Garrett Higerd made a motion to accept the financial report. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

Garrett commented the Board needs to adjust the budget for the capital expenditures to accommodate the large capital expenditures coming up. 6-month budget review will be on the January agenda.

6.         SNOW REMOVAL – Billy Czeschin presented a revised 3-year proposal for snow removal services. Isabel Connolly made a motion to accept the proposal. Garrett advised he feels he needs to recuise himself because of his position at Mono County, which is Billy’s employer. Due to lack of quorum, the motion failed. There will need to be a special meeting when Isabel Connolly, Steve Shipley and Cynthia Adamson can attend. Garrett did comment he would send Marianne the draft snow removal contract to amend for the terms of Billy’s proposal.

7A.      CL SKATE PARK – Garrett commented there is regular steady progress on the park. The contractor is working weekends to try and meet the November deadline. Marianne will inquire again about payment for the sewer connection fee.

7B.            JUNIPDER DRIVE SPECIAL ZONE OF BENEFIT – Steve Shipley advised he had talked with Mary Rohan about the sandbags she has requested to be removed. They should be removed and the site repaired next year (reinforcing the area and filling it in). The damage all occurred on the shoulder of the road. Patrick will have Billy Czeschin remove them.

            Patrick advised that the Claire Construction proposal for slurry sealing next year is approximately $21,000. Garrett commented he would like a micro-surfacing product to be used instead. This may take the project over $25,000. Patrick will discuss this with Clair Construction. He will get some preliminary quotes and then determine if it will need to go out to bid. Garrett and Patrick will review the specs that Garrett will provide.

7B1).            CALIFORNIA DISASTER ASSISTANCE ACT PROGRAM – Garrett Higerd made a motion to designate Patrick Allen as the authorized agent for this program. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

10A.            GENERAL MANAGER REPORT – Patrick discussed the items in his monthly update.

10A1).PUMP STATION PUMPS – Patrick advised the Flo-Systems Inc. quote for a new pump is $44,279. This will be on the shelf for when pump #2 goes out. There is a several month lead time to secure a new pump.

Flo-Services Inc. will pull #1 pump and inspect it and they will see if they can make any repairs to it onsite. If they pull it up and most everything looks good they may be able to just replace the cap and cable assembly and put it back down. If this won’t work, then the quote sent will come into play to repair the pump, which is approximately $40,000 and the pump will have to be taken to southern California, leaving only one working pump in the pump station. The total for the repair and the new pump will be approximately $90,000 based on estimates. There will be additional costs for a crane and vactor. Garrett commented it seems we should budget approximately $100,000 for this. Patrick indicated the Flo-Services payment will come due by the end of December, and the Flo-Systems payment will come due in Spring when the new pump is shipped.

8A.            FUNDING OPTIONS – Patrick discussed his progress with Ibank funding. He has been working with them for a few weeks. They work with public agencies. There is a two-part process. He has completed the first part by providing an application and financial documents. Ibank will have at least $250,000 in funding available if the District qualifies. It would be best to apply for funding for several projects. The funds have to be pinned to certain projects. The interest would be 3.5% and the term is prorated based on the life expectancy of the project; i.e., the pump station project would have a 12 year life expectancy. The flight system at the plant is very old, he is unable to get parts and it needs to be replaced. This would be approximately $55,000 for the two aeration basis, installed. That project would have a 20-30 year life expectancy. Other projects that could/should be included would be a spare blower, new roof for the blower room, new flow meter, a storage container and a sewer inspection camera. All of the projects can be added up and prorated over many years. There is a 2-year time window to spend on projects after the funding is approved. Money can be spent on a project before the funding is approved, and then included in the financing. The Board has 18 months to request items be paid and included in funding.

Patrick needs direction on which way to go with the funding. Isabel made a motion for Patrick to submit a funding application to IBank to include all projects deemed necessary, appropriate and approved by the Board, and to research funding alternatives and the cost to do a rate study. Garrett Higerd seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. Garrett suggested Patrick contact Janet Dutcher, Mono County CFO about the loan options through the county.

8.         BILLS TO BE PAID – Isabel Connolly made a motion to pay the bills as presented with checks #7260 – 7262 with one signer with second signature to be obtained when check is issued. Garrett Higerd seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor.

9B.            OPERATOR IN TRAINING – Patrick met with a young man who is a great candidate. He has taken the course for the collection certification and is scheduled for the exam. Patrick feels he is sharp and interested in moving forward and getting his operator certificates. It would be ideal to bring him on in Spring. He is currently making approximately $55,000/year plus benefits and extra compensation for on-call. Patrick has some other options he will pursue prior to the November meeting.

9C.            SEWER DISTRICT EASEMENTS – Tabled

10.       NEW ITEMS/ADDITIONS FOR FUTURE AGENDAS - 6 month Budget Review in January

Garrett Higerd made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Isabel Connolly seconded the motion and all Board members present voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at the Crowley Lake Community Center, unless posted otherwise.